Choosing Your Best Family Dog

When choosing your best family dog, you already know that this will be a long-term commitment in spending years of Family Fun time with your ‘New Family Member.’ It can  best family dogs uk take a long time of searching and compromising with your spouse and family to decide on the perfect dog breed.

Start by making lists of your top criteria for the best breed for all of you. Your list might include the size of dog, whether shedding is an issue or not, having a watchdog, being ‘good with kids’ etc. etc.

Here are the Top 3 places to research breeds!

* The number one place to get an honest opinion when choosing your best family dog is Rescue Sites

They are one of the best places to find information about dog breeds. They DO NOT want them abandoned again, so they are very honest with the pros and cons of the breed you are considering.

* The next best place to research your top dog choices are at the Popular Websites of Breeders of the dog you are considering. See if your criteria for your puppy is in the main description. You can even contact them for more answers to your questions. For example, with American Bulldogs, “Loves Children”, was one of the first things written about them. (Not too mention that just their looks, makes them a great watch dog!)

* And the third best place to check when choosing your best family dog is at your Local Animal Shelter or Humane Society. When you choose an adult dog, you won’t have to potty train them or deal with a teething puppy. Plus, you will already know it’s personality and size and weight, (if that is an issue for you).






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