Why You Should Consider Mexico For Dental Care – (Part 1)

There are many reasons why a person should consider Mexico, not just as an alternative source, but as the prime source for dental care. This article will elaborate the first  el paso tx Dentist reason, and list list the others. In subsequent articles, each subsequent reason will be discussed. Here is reason number one:

1. The cost factor. Because of the system in America, the costs in America have gotten out of hand. The education of a dentist in the USA is out of sight, and a dentist will graduate with a huge debt load of student loans that have to be paid back. Also, the costs of operation are so very high. Rent, salaries, workman’s comp for employees, taxes, insurance, and especially malpractice insurance, all combine to make a dental practice have a huge overhead.

Thus, a dentist in the USA must charge more, and indeed feel the should make an even larger profit because of all the costs they have incurred in getting educated and setting up a practice. However, in Mexico a dentist gets just as good an education, but does not have to pay but a fraction of the cost for that education. The Mexican government also subsidizes the education of a dentist, and gets its payback by requiring 2 years of unpaid service of each dentist to provide free care to the needy.

Also, the overhead, the rent, the salaries, etc are all minimal in comparison, and, there is no need for malpractice insurance since the dentists can’t be so easily be sued by some money grubber. The result is, a dentist in Mexico has a much lower overhead, and can still make a good profit charging much less. The average costs for dental work in places like Tijuana, Mexico, where the vast majority of Americans go to for dental care, is about ¼ of the costs in America.

For example, a standard porcelain crown with the core build up in Mexico costs $225, where as the same thing in the US will average over $1,000. Or, a root canal costs just $225 in Mexico, compared to $1,150 in the States. When a person in the US has major dental problems, it can easily run up to over $10,000 to get treatment, but if you can imagine being able to get the same thing done for just $2,500, you can understand why so many people feel that it is worth the trip.

2. The quality of dental care in Mexico is superior.






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