Intex Pools This Summer

Last summer we purchased a pool from Intex and its fantastic, it is just waiting to be let out again when the sunshine comes back. These pools are much larger than your standard  Intex Pools Canada

 pool, are pumped up with air so starts to give the upper ring structure, which when expanded enough lets water in at the bottom and starts to fill up. You do need to remember that even a small slope could effect the water as it holds a lot, otherwise it could put pressure on the sides and either spill over or worse as we have all seen on the funny video tv programs.

Each pool sold by Intex is referred to as a above ground swimming pool as they are no sunk in the ground after a hole is produced so much cheaper and easy to put away once the summer moves into autumn. You are on your own when it comes to putting the pool up so definitely a DIY job but easy with instructions. Alloy extra space as the pool expands outwards as well as upwards when the air and water is pumped in. Once the pool is filled, it is best to keep it filled for most of the summer or topping up if the sun evaporates the water as they are not designed to be emptied and put away then back out again a few hours or days later.

The main models of this pool come in 8, 10 and 12 feet in diameter and 30 inches in height on all models. They all come with a 220-240 volt filter pump which can handle 530galons, thats 2006 litres a hour. The 8ft pool comes with a pool cover totally free so limits the amount of leaves, flies which can get in the water when it is not in use. The design has been produced for extra strength and weights 22.4lb / 10.2kg.

When we got ours last year, we purchased the large pool and looks huge in our garden. It can’t be put on sand or sort dirt otherwise it can sag. Before use, you can put chlorine in but cannot be used until the day after but means many bacteria are eliminated so peace of mind. If you do not have a cover for your pool, a small fishing net is best to clean any debris from the area off once it has been used, or before it is used again as this soon builds up. A cover is recommended though as animals especially birds can try and use it for drinking water.






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