The Upcoming 2006 NFL Football Season

The 2005 NFL football season sat back records being set, with everything from Shaun Alexander’s record breaking 28 scores in a single season to Nathan Vasher’s longest return of a missed field objective at a mind blowing 108 yards (likewise the longest play of any sort in NFL history) to the Seattle Seahawks astonishing normal season execution and misfortune to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL.

Super Bowl XL was the 40th Super Bowl. The game was played on February 5, 2006 at Portage Field in Detroit, Michigan, following the normal football time of 2005. The American Football Meeting (AFC) champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, crushed the Public Football Gathering (NFC) champions, the Seattle Seahawks, 21-10. Albeit the Seahawks won the turnover fight, 2-1, and outgained the Steelers by 57 yards, Pittsburgh won on the strength of three major plays changed over for scores. The Seahawks were tormented by questionable punishments, dropped balls, unfortunate clock the executives, and a game-finishing interference on a crash profound into Steelers’ domain. This was the Steelers fifth Super Bowl win, and with this the Steelers join the Dallas Cowpokes and the San Francisco 49ers for the most Super Bowl wins by a group.

The forthcoming 2006 NFL season will be the 87th time of the Public Football Association. This season is planned to start on September 7 and the initial opening shot game will highlight the Miami Dolphins playing the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 8:30 pm Eastern time (ET). The standard series of games start on Sunday, September 10, with the Indianapolis Foals playing the New York Goliaths in New York. Then, at that point, on Monday Night, September 11, there will be a doubleheader: the Minnesota Vikings at the Washington Redskins at 7 pm ET, trailed by the San Diego Chargers at the Oakland Bandits at 10:15 pm ET.

Three games are planned to be played on Thanksgiving Day. Notwithstanding the customary yearly Detroit Lions and Dallas Ranchers home games during that day (who will have the Miami Dolphins at 12:30 pm ET and the Tampa Sound Pirates at 4:15 pm ET, individually), the Denver Mustangs will venture out to confront the Kansas City Bosses at 8 pm ET.

The season will finish up on New Year’s Eve, December 31. Super Bowl XLI, the Super Bowl title game for the 2006 season, will be hung on February 4, 2007 at Dolphin Arena in Miami Lakes, Florida, and the post-season will finish up with the Star Bowl in Hawaii.

In light of the NFL’s booking recipe, the intraconference and interconference matchups for 2006 will be:


AFC East v AFC South

AFC North v AFC West

NFC East v NFC South

NFC North v NFC West


AFC East v NFC North

AFC North v NFC South

AFC South v NFC East

AFC West v NFC West

2006 will be the primary year that the NFL will utilize a “adaptable booking” framework throughout the previous seven weeks of the ordinary season. The framework is planned so the association has the adaptability in choosing games to air on Sunday night that will highlight the current most blazing, streaking groups. This framework’s basic role is to forestall games highlighting losing groups from circulating during early evening late in the season, while simultaneously permitting shock, season finisher potential groups an opportunity to play around evening time. During the past 2005 season, a December 19 Monday Night game highlighted the 4-9 Baltimore Ravens versus the 3-10 Green Cove Packers, while hot, streaking groups, for example, the Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Inlet Marauders, and the Jacksonville Panthers had practically zero early evening games.

Since Christmas Eve (December 24) falls on a Sunday during the 2006 season, the adaptable booking will really happen in seven of the most recent two months. Rather than a Sunday night game on Christmas Eve, two games will be hung on Monday, Christmas Day: The Philadelphia Falcons at Dallas at 5 pm ET, and the New York Planes at Miami at 8:30 pm ET. Consequently, the primary genuine trial of the new adaptable planning will accompany the 2007 season, with the last seven weeks booked to start on November 18 of that year.

Under the adaptable planning framework, all Sunday games in the impacted weeks will have the beginning season of 1pm ET/10am PT, with the exception of those played in the Pacific or Mountain Time regions who will make some beginning memories of 4 pm ET/1pm PT (or 4:15 PM ET/1:15 PM PT in the event that it is a doubleheader end of the week). On the Tuesday 12 days before the games, the association will move one game to the early evening opening, and perhaps move at least one 1 pm opened games to the 4 pm spaces. During the last seven day stretch of the time, the association could re-plan games as late as six days before the challenges so the telecom companies will be all ready to communicate a game that has season finisher suggestions.






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