Colombian Tourism is More Than Food and Climate – It is Also a Musical Adventure

Colombian tourism cannot be separated from its real roots. Colombia and Colombians are ranked among the happiest people in the world (3rd happiest people worldwide). In spite of Colombia’s violence issues, the country seems to be in a constant fajas colombianas

  estate of celebration. Colombian music is a big part of its culture. Music seems to bring everyone together in one strong sentiment of patriotisms and pride.

Colombian tourism focuses in an entire culture, beyond food and gorgeous views of the country and coastal side. Colombia enjoys several trends of folk music that energize the entire country. Salsa, Merengue, and Reggaeton are rhythms that are well know worldwide.

These musical trends are not original of Colombia, but they are favorites among young people. However, typical and regional folk music is a favorite of just about everyone who lives there. Among its different musical rhythms, Cumbias, Música Llanera, and Vallenatos are especially favored (the last one being a national trend).

Vallenatos (music from/of the Valley) has become a significant favorite of the Colombian culture in the last 15 years. The lyrics are deep and usually convey a message of love and/or deception. This music usually lends itself to slow dancing moves where people can both sing and dance along.

Traditional Vallenato is usually characterized by its instruments, which is a diverse mixture of musical instruments from different continents. Traditional Vallenato has La Guacharaca (musical percussion instrument usually made out of the cane-like trunk of a small palm tree) from South American, the drum (from Africa), and accordion (from Europe, of German origin).

Perhaps the most recognized item of Vallenato, which has spilled over the entire Colombian culture, is the use of the Sombrero Voltiado or Sombero Volteado (Colombian Spanish for hat with laps). Most Colombians wear this sombrero with a clear intention to show national identity.

If you visit Colombia and go to different night clubs, you will see what I am talking about. You will most likely see men and women singing several songs while wearing distinctive looking hats. The rhythms and dancing; however, can become addictive and one of the most enjoyable parts of visiting this beautiful country.

Music is a critical part to understand Colombian tourism and culture and its roots. Colombia is indeed a beautiful country with some shortcomings; however, the culture makes Colombia one of the best places to visit in South America. Not only you will be amazed with the diversity of people, food, fruit, and different climates, but you will be immersed in a musical adventure that will show you how Colombians have a good time.






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