Propane Cylinder, 120 gal.

From providing propane-powered heat to running equipment, propane tanks help keep your small-scale and large-scale projects fuel tank rental

  on task and on time. Our fleet of rentals allows you to maintain jobsite operations with reliability and efficiency. This 120-gallon propane cylinder has a 400-liter capacity. You’ll need 3′ of clearance around the cylinder to the building opening and 10′ of clearance to the ignition source.

400L capacity

A 3′ clearance is needed between the propane cylinder and the building opening, and a 10′ clearance is needed to the ignition source

Smaller, portable propane cylinders can be used to power anything from a gas grill to a forklift

Trust United Rentals experts to keep your propane tanks and cylinders serviced and safety-compliant

Uses: Ideal for smaller commercial and industrial applications






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